V8 , all-wheel drive, dust and speed


Desription of the Circuit:

Place: Nyirád community, Outskirt
Length: 1040 metres, with asphalt starting area.
Width of start: 15 metres
Maximum width: 23 metres
Minimum width: 12 metres
Location: 25 kilometres north from lake Balaton, near the community Nyirád, and 5 kilometres southwest from it. The location can be reached only from East using the road Nyirád-Tapolca GPS: N: 46º 58’ 11”,E: 17º 25’ 00” .

Milestones of the Autocross Circuit

  • 2001: the first autocross event has been organized
  • 2005: Nyirád joined to the FIA CEZ Trophy series
  • 2006: the first FIA Autocross Championship event


Length – 1040m
Width – 12-23m
Pavement –  100% gravel 
Capacity – 90-100 driver


Car wash
Drinking water