Asphalt, gravel and fight against "body - body" 


Description of the Circuit: 

Length: 1220 m, width: 10-16 m, difference in levels: 24.5 m. 52% asphalt, 48% gravel. 
According to the requirements of the FIA European Rallycross Championship, paddock is suitable to host 90-100 drivers and teams.

Milestones of the Rallycross circuit

  • 1988: the first rallycross event had been organized.
  • 1994: Nyirád joined to the FIA CEZ Trophy series.
  • 2006: the first Rallycross European Championship event 
  • 2012: the most spectacular show, the FIA European Rallycross Championship was back, for the 6th time in Nyirád! Nyirád has received the most points according to the combined FIA Observers' and Stewards' Reports, so it became the Competition of the Year!
  • 2014: Rallycross challenge round in Nyirád!


Length – 1220m
Width – 10-16m
Elevation – 24,5m
Pavement –  52% asphalt, 48% graver 
Capacity – 90-100 driver


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